solar impulse

Bertrand Piccard is a third-generation explorer whose ancestors have set records for altitude, depth, and speed – and always
This interview was conducted by Forrest Watkins and first appeared on The Verb. The shipyard that built the hulls of Alinghi
The pilots used no fuel to complete the epic trip.
Equally important is confidence. In any occupation regardless of gender, confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve
Solar Impulse is wider than a Boeing 747, but she weighs like a car - 2.3 tons. The power of each of its four engines is
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"It's a new era. It's not science fiction. It's today."
There is a well-known Chinese proverb that states: In every crisis, there is opportunity. But as many leaders know, in the middle of a disaster it feels impossible to think beyond the challenge at-hand.
As leaders we must ask ourselves, with the pace of technology and information growing exponentially, have we considered the implications for humanity? And if knowledge has doubled every 11 hours, will our sense of responsibility keep up?
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