solar impulse

Bertrand Piccard is a third-generation explorer whose ancestors have set records for altitude, depth, and speed – and always
BP: My goal is to bring together all the actors of clean technologies, the ones who produce clean technologies, the ones
The pilots used no fuel to complete the epic trip.
This message resonates strongly with me. Automation, interconnectivity and sustainability are becoming an increasing part
While the grandfather and father searched the planet to know him, Bertrand Piccard runs through it to protect it. But rather
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"It's a new era. It's not science fiction. It's today."
There is a well-known Chinese proverb that states: In every crisis, there is opportunity. But as many leaders know, in the middle of a disaster it feels impossible to think beyond the challenge at-hand.
As leaders we must ask ourselves, with the pace of technology and information growing exponentially, have we considered the implications for humanity? And if knowledge has doubled every 11 hours, will our sense of responsibility keep up?
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"This oceanic flight to Hawaii demonstrates that if technological solutions exist to fly a plane day and night without fuel
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Solar flight may seem slow, expensive, and downright impractical at this point, but Borschberg and co-founder Bertrand Piccard
Some icons outlive their origins. A new icon surges these days: the silhouette of Solar Impulse, the immense and majestic aircraft on its way for the first round-the-world solar tour in twelve legs.
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If the spindly experimental aircraft completes the journey as planned, it will be the first solar-powered plane capable of
Still, Piccard was able to take off as planned this morning, though fight controllers are paying close attention to weather