solar power

First, a loophole let fossil fuels eat up funding meant for community solar. Now proposed new fire codes pose new challenges for rooftop panels.
COVID-19 took a toll on solar employment, but compensation is now comparable to other energy industry jobs, according to a new report.
Gates, who has warned that climate change will prompt more extreme weather, stressed that natural gas failures caused much of the state's power crisis.
Solar and wind are more reliable in catastrophes –– and we need them to slow the worsening climate crisis.
How renewable energy projects in the Mojave Desert threaten local species — and how to fix that.
Schools across the country are saving money and shining a light on solar electricity.
Women and people of color are vastly underrepresented in the future of energy. But some companies are trying to change that.
After Hurricane María plunged Vieques into darkness, Tesla's arrival heralded the dawn of a microgrid future. But it wasn't that easy.
Solar panel installer is the fastest-growing job in eight different states.
The clandestine passage measured 627 feet and was lined with a rail system.
The U.S. solar industry employs more than 250,000 people, about three times more than the coal industry.
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The new tariffs the White House announced last month are likely to make things worse for the industry.
Public lands could be opened to more energy development.
“Now is not the time to slash funding for this promising research," a Democratic senator said.
Wind offers an optimistic outlook two days after the White House dealt a serious blow to the solar industry.
Air pollution may be a global problem, but it’s one where local action makes a big difference.  Across the nation, cities
The effects of climate change and specifically air pollution are very real and are being harshly felt across the world. Cape
The solar industry created 1 in every 50 new American jobs in 2016.