solar storms

By Geoffrey Reeves Space weather plays a role in national security too. If something goes wrong with a satellite, we need
The sun is a stormy star that, across the centuries, has gifted our Earth with some incredible moments of calamity. Telegraph and radio technologies and even satellites and human safety have been placed in the breach of near-destruction. Is there a major "superstorm" in our future?
While the solar storm headed our way may affect power lines, radio transmissions, communication systems and satellites to
Although the CME associated with the 2012 event faced Earth, Jaroslav said it "was a weak one, and therefore posed no threat
According to the UK science minister David Willetts, who announced the new service, the increasing use of technology that
“The speed of this event was as fast or faster than anything that has been seen in the modern space age,” Baker said in the
"If we can understand how the environment affects these satellites, and we can design to improve the satellites to be more
The third CME in two days erupted toward Mercury on April 21, 2013. In this image, the sun is blocked so its brightness doesn’t
The most powerful solar flare of the year erupted from the sun today (April 11) sparking a temporary radio blackout on Earth, NASA officials say.
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"Once you have a magnetic cycle that builds up and develops in the simulation," he added, "you can analyze how that affects
Just how bad could it get? If it's anything like the so-called "Carrington event," pretty bad. That 1859 event -- considered
The sun's activity waxes and wanes on a roughly 11-year cycle. The sun's current cycle, called Solar Cycle 24, began in 2008
"Our results suggest that convective motions in the sun are nearly 100 times smaller than these current theoretical expectations
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The chest-high rack of electronics Justin Kasper is assembling in a Massachusetts office park will fit in a shoe box before
While scientists cannot directly observe hydrogen molecules on the sun, they searched for a stand-in, the molecule hydroxyl
To see some of the best images of auroras from 2011, click here. After January's solar storm, residents of the Northern Hemisphere
A solar storm created a dazzling light show in the northern latitudes of Earth on Tuesday. The storm also bombarded the Earth
UPDATE, 1/25: Bill Murtagh, a program coordinator at the Space Weather Prediction Center, told that "Most of the