The Pentagon has drawn plans to send 10,000 troops to the Middle East. The decision has yet to be finalized by the White House.
A Marine veteran crawled across the finish line of the Boston Marathon after his legs gave out.
Former President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully paid tribute to his best friend by resting beside his casket.
Travis Mills lost all four of his limbs serving in Afghanistan. Now his foundation is starting a retreat for vets and families who have gone through similar struggles.
So, I sat quietly, flush from the collective heat of the festively-garbed crowd gathered in the auditorium, praying that
More questions:​ Vietnam Veterans of America: What was it like to come back to the US as a veteran of the Vietnam War? National
SJ: Well, the book is really about communalism, shared resources, and egalitarianism. The title of the book is distracting
Those who know the Republic well are nervous. Especially those of us who live here: in its 50 states. The baggage carousel
CHRISTIAN: Yes, this Friday. It will be limited showings in New York, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Wichita, Kansas. The
Captain Khan may have died on June 8, 2004 in Iraq while protecting the troops under his command, but he is still fighting for America against those who attack our values.
"Through ballet, I am able to stay calm and find balance as well as build friendships with my fellow soldiers.”
In Oise-Aisne there is even one non-American. An unidentified Frenchman lies there among his allies. For those who went missing
In memory of American soldiers killed in "The Great War," 1917-18 Photo by jim donick
“The fact that a soldier would want to come here with his own flag and hold it up out of respect for veterans is really nice.”
A decorated Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy from 2002 through 2010, Anthony Ameen served in 2nd Battalion/7th Marines - 1st
This is a poem I wrote circa 2005. It first appeared on Youtube.
Boston-based suppliers William Tailer and Samuel Blodgett sold chocolate regularly to the soldiers of a regiment near Crown
* * * * * Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and make sure to take a moment to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice