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I think there’s so many times when girls and young women are told, “It’s just not gonna work out.” And if I could give anyone
The special, which airs Friday, August 30 at 10 p.m., examines the education gap for children of color in America. It is
Soledad O'Brien was named a distinguished visiting fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. O'Brien left CNN's
O'Brien recalled an experience she had during Hurricane Katrina, when she and her team walked into the Baton Rouge airport
As Jeff Zucker works to shake up the network he recently took over, rumors continue to swirl about how the newly appointed
She said the writing was on the wall for "Starting Point" as soon as Jeff Zucker took over the reins at CNN. (Ironically
Soledad O'Brien will no longer be a host on CNN, but she's staying with the network -- sort of. O'Brien told the New York Times that she is returning to the role she had before she became the host of "Starting Point" in 2011: a roving documentary reporter. The twist this time is that she is forming her own production company, Starfish Media, and will not be tied exclusively to CNN; she will be able to shop programs to other networks and air them on the Web as well.
O'Brien's future as a regular face on the network was immediately put into doubt when CNN announced that Chris Cuomo would
“That would be a schedule I would like!” O’Brien said. “I like doing documentaries, I like doing hard-hitting — grilling
On CNN's "Starting Point," O'Brien grilled Johnson on his line of questioning during Clinton's hearing. Speaking of the administration's