solitary confinement

Mark Wilson taught himself the law and helped thousands of other prisoners pursue legal claims, including lawsuits that cost the state millions of dollars. Then he was given one of the harshest punishments available within Oregon prisons.
As the pandemic ravaged prisons and jails, officials opted to force people into inhumane solitary confinement. HuffPost spoke to some who described how they “nearly broke.”
Citing safety concerns, prison officials are keeping the former police officer in a restricted housing unit in Minnesota's only maximum security prison.
Cohen was sent home from prison in May because of the coronavirus pandemic.
An AP investigation into Roylan Hernandez Diaz's death found neglect and apparent violations of government policies by jailers under ICE.
Mariam Abdullah died by suicide after the teen spent much of the final two years of her life in solitary confinement.
Trump's former campaign chair, who now faces state fraud charges, is already serving a seven-plus year federal sentence.
The whistleblower is serving an indefinite prison sentence in Virginia for refusing to testify before a grand jury.
"Chelsea is being tortured for whistleblowing, she should be released on bail, and we should ban extended solitary in the US,” the congresswoman tweeted.
The former intelligence analyst has been jailed for more than two weeks after refusing to answer questions about the 2010 WikiLeaks case.