Israelis and Palestinians are headed for another round of tragedy and destruction but seem helpless to avoid it,” according
Every week or so I read another essay on what constitutes a witch. I know I shouldn’t respond to this stuff but sometimes
Change may be defined as transformations occurring over time. It is sometimes hard to discern how far and wide that change will reach, and what it will bring about.
Many people have a hard time seeing the connection between a Hollywood TV bunny looking for proof of God on a hilltop in Turkey and Israeli national security state calmly planning to trigger World War 3. Look again.
In the present situation, Republicans, especially the new Tea Party extremists in the House, would rather see the economy
The Reverend Solomon Jackson, Jr., a retired state employee from South Carolina, set a powerful example after he received an unexpected blessing of his own.
Solomon was young but considered very wise. He began his reign in humility, but as the country became even more powerful