Dozens of journalists have been slain in Somalia over the past decade, but none of their killers have been brought to justice.
The presidency of Somalia’s Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo is only eight months old but already his administration faces its
The perpetrators seek to intimidate the tens of thousands of Somali Muslims who attend mosques in the Minneapolis area.
Minnesota’s measles outbreak is an awakening for how public health officials interact with immigrant communities.
The number of women joining military and police ranks across Africa is rising. As part of our “Women and Jihad” series, we
A severe drought threatens millions of people in Somalia. The drought is affecting half the country's population, at least
The Trump administration's anti-immigrant rhetoric diminishes our nation before the eyes of the world.
The icon interviewed Aden, a hijabi taking the fashion world by storm.
"Welcoming refugees is not a political issue. It’s about people."
By Feisal Omar MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A car bomb ripped through a market in Mogadishu on Sunday, killing 39 people and injuring
Even if some are admitted to the U.S. this week, many more are suffering from drought and conflict amid Trump's immigration ban.
The news that President Trump has started to enact his promised Muslim ban has struck at the very heart of our family. To
Alexander McNabb's hot adventure "A Decent Bomber" for a change wasn't set in the Arab world, but managed, in its Irish venue, to tie back to the region he's used as a backdrop for earlier novels.