Some Like It Hot

"I’m a big Black woman," the Tony nominee told HuffPost. "I don’t have to be limited to standing still in the corner or being in the back.”
The Tony nominee is not a fan of the classic 1959 film with an all-white cast. Co-writing the Broadway musical helped turn its story into something she could love.
The director and choreographer behind the Tony-nominated adaptation of the 1959 classic isn't taking his latest success for granted.
J. Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell made history as the first nonbinary actors to be nominated for Tony awards. But their achievements beg the question: should categories even be separated by gender?
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My personal memory of Marilyn, far afield from Eunice Murray's terrible discovery, is splendid and dates back to the mid-1950s when I was barely a teenager and lived in the Belnord, the apartment building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.