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She didn't make the finals, to the shock of the nation (and Rolling Stone as they declared "a star is born"). The point that jumped out at me after the first few minutes of talking to Amanda was the concept of a risk-taker. In this, I discovered a new take on "Americana."
First, pop sensation Adele stole the hearts of lovelorn women (and men) everywhere. Then she won six Grammys, including best
Now that we've heard Adele's side of the story, maybe it's time to let this guy tell the same story from the douche-bag's
According to the video, Rocco is usually a "very happy dog," but on this particular day he seemed depressed. Last week, Baby
It occurred to me as I was singing and weeping and driving one day that I couldn't possibly be the only middle-aged suburban mother singing to Adele in her car as if her life depended on it.
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter seems to be following in her parents footsteps once again, and it has nothing