sonequa martin-green

The actress is still "astounded" to be the first black woman to lead the franchise as "Star Trek: Discovery" enters its second season.
There's a smell before it rains from a blend of oils released from the earth into the air. It's a pleasant smell. Though totally unlike the storm that awaits the Alexandrians and Rick's group in The Walking Dead.
In the church, Michonne (Danai Gurira), Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol, Abraham, Eugene (Josh McDermitt
Deanna's dream was fought for, as everyone dug deep. Well, perhaps not everyone. The midseason 6 premiere of The Walking Dead titled, "No Way Out," was truly magnifique.
Atlanta is past. The Governor, Gareth, and Dawn Lerner, all killed. A new locale brings new crises, and a new nemesis. This begins part III, an appreciation of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, season's 5 and 6 first half.
Sasha seems to be the only one of Rick's group who hasn't accepted their new surroundings. Yet I actually believe she will later.That's what The Walking Dead show is about: character growth and continually-evolving story lines.
It was an episode that eased up on the accelerator a bit. An episode where everyone needed a profound time of respite. And it's no wonder the previous episode was titled, "The Distance."
In preparation for the finale, The Huffington Post spoke to Raymond-James about what the finale has in store for Neal's relationships
Additionally, Melissa Ponzio (Karen) will reappear in Season 4 as a recurring guest star, the sole survivor of the Governor's
The details of Martin-Green's appearance on the fantastical ABC series have yet to be disclosed, but TVLine reports she's