song lyrics

The long-running debate about the "Thunder Road" lyrics received a definitive answer.
"Do you like bein' a banana? Or getting bored on a train?"
Cohen's creative process was painstakingly slow: most of his texts were in the works for years, sometimes even more than
Last week, as you may recall, we were discussing the worst song of all time, which I claimed is "You're Sixteen," as done by Ringo Starr. Buoyed by your response, I'm going to the musical well one more time.
Johnny Cash was no saint. Neither are most high school students. Few of us grow up to be criminals or folk heroes. Most of us are somewhere in between. We don't need to upend our lives for our causes, but we can nudge ourselves in the direction of righteousness.
"Every time I hear the song I think of him trying to shake off one Freddie and embracing another..."