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The actor behind Sonic opens up about the character's surprising redesign.
So whoever is in charge of TOMY, the toy company that makes the Sonic the Hedgehog toys, if you're reading this, please... please
Wriggle your way to freedom, little ones!
Inside a bizarre fan theory about Michael Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog that was proven true.
We wondered just what are the most prolific video game franchises ever? We're not just looking at actual sales, but sheer number of titles released. It's pretty amazing how addicted we've become to certain characters and concepts, as the following list attests.
I had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation about Willie's life, how the toy marketing world works and how TOMY fits into this crazy world of fun.
In Part II, TOMY's CMO, Willie Wilkov, gave us some valuable insight into what it's like to market toys. In this piece, we learn about the actual structure of TOMY International.
In Part I, we got to delve into the mind of TOMY's CMO, Willie Wilkov. In this piece, Willie gives us some valuable insight into what it's like to market toys.
In honor of the big day, I thought it would be fun to share one of the few chapters that ended up being removed from the hardcover version of CONSOLE WARS
Illustrator Christopher Hemsworth (no relation to the "Thor" actor of the same name) has finally given these beloved icons
Even if you didn't play Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid, it's impossible to deny that Smooth McGroove's a cappella rendition
I was unconsciously humming a pleasant little tune when a woman in the next line started humming a line of harmony. We laughed. We couldn't figure out where it was from, but a young man who was bagging groceries knew immediately -- it was the theme to "Sonic The Hedgehog."
Mary-Kate Olsen is among the celebs who've been spotted in seriously slashed denim lately. (PeopleStyleWatch) Sky Ferreira
WATCH: Originally developed by Sega as a competitor for Nintendo's Mario, Sonic eventually joined Nintendo' cast of characters