Sonny & Cher

The costume earned her a nod from Cher herself. 🙌
Okay. There's Fred & Ginger. Sonny & Cher. Beyonce & Jay-Z. And then there's Bennett & Gaga. A match made in jazz heaven. Let's face it. We're dragging and sagging under heavy headlines. We all need a quick escape from global gloom, and I don't mean Soul Cycle.
Paul Martin: We are really keen to explore the US, we have a great fan base here already and obviously its one of the hot
Sam Cooke's lament -- "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody" -- summed up my social situation after, for reasons known only to my unconscious. I'd blown the Sweet 16 by ignoring my friendly good-looking date in favor of a sarcastic snob at the next table.
Josh Flagg, an agent with Rodeo Realty and star of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," underscored this point in an email to
There are many perils inherent in the husband-wife workplace duo.
Are these artists I just mentioned going to be overlooked forever because of some sort of expiration date? They're not melons. If they intend to keep the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until the end of time, then most of these artists should be inducted before Justin Bieber grows a mustache.
September 24th is the centennial birthday of my late father, the songwriter Carl Sigman (1909-2000), who wrote nearly a thousand songs.