Parents can stop the perpetuation of a culture that protects predators and silences survivors.
Answer by Alecia Li Morgan, mother of four, on Quora: I have to teach her first to stand up for herself. To be assertive
7. Ask your son when you don't ask enough or listen long enough to his thoughts and feelings. You want to be able to connect
I hope I've made you proud.
Brig, the voting is over but we still have a choice.
About my father, very little has been said in the public arena. He wasn't a public figure, of course, nor did he lead his
I have the luxury to turn the other way while one more of your sons is killed today. I will never have to worry about my sons dying.
Mothers of boys got sliced by helicopter rotor blades and stepped on wayward Legos. Mothers of boys were always buying milk and laundering athletic socks.
We like and want different things. We live in the world very differently, and how we experience the world is not the same. So, honor what you prefer, respect the preferences of others and speak up.
3. Rudeness and self-absorption? Unacceptable. If I'm entering a building with my sons and they go in ahead of me, I wait
Full disclosure: There is one and only one reason I have this newfound interest. That reason is my firstborn -- my 12-year-old-son.
Muhammad Ali will always live in our hearts for being the great man that he was. Because of how he lived his life, he left an indelible legacy that survives his death. Live your life in such a way that you leave a rich legacy for your family, friends, and community.
As I write this letter, I hope that when the day comes for you both to become fathers you will take the time to read it. As your mother, I have found that you will have many fears when raising a child. One of them will be the failing effort to raise a respectful, responsible and, most importantly, loving young man or woman. As much as your personal life experiences will teach you, I wanted to give you a little insight on what Mom and Dad have learned so far raising you and your siblings.
"I guess you could say that this whole parenting thing really kicked me in the a**."
My son is not the man of the house; he's a little boy! It's not his job to take care of mom; its mom's job to take care of mom.
My identical twin sons were born 8 minutes apart. They look alike, they've gone to the same schools all the way through college, they're both professional dancers, they're both gay.