Sore loser

Fox News hosts, as well as Republican officials like Kayleigh McEnany, raged about Democrats refusing to concede defeat.
Trump embodies the resentment of Americans who are used to seeing themselves (and their country) as winners, but who now recognize, at least on some level, they are no longer winners -- that they may be, horror of horrors, losers.
This is not a political post. I don’t want to start a debate about who the best candidate is to become our next President
The 60th Miss Amazonas contest ended much like a soap opera in need of a ratings boost Friday.
Apollo Hester plays for the Eastview High School Patriots in Georgetown, Texas. After an incredible comeback win on Friday, he had even more incredible words for Time Warner Cable News reporter Lauren Mickler.
If Coleman soon suffers yet another recount loss and appeals to the Minnesota Supreme Court, will the press finally dip its toe into the sore loser pool?
Senator Clinton will get the last word on this. Once she officially loses the nomination, she can make the Poehler sketch look ridiculous. Or she can make it look like prophecy.