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What frustrates me the most, and still often surprises me, is how much I am asked about how I could have been in a sorority when I am such a proud feminist. What so many people fail to realize is that I am a proud feminist because I was in a sorority. The two are not, and never have been, mutually exclusive.
How to look decent after a long night is probably the most valuable skill that I've acquired as a sorority girl. No brush? No shower? No problem. I can rock a messy bun and second-day mascara like a celebrity.
8. When we can't find ANYTHING to wear... "I think I'll go with sweats." 6. We can get away with washing them, like, never
Who is this man standing over me? Oh. It's Ryan Gosling. I wish he weren't wearing a shirt. Wait. He's saying something to me, but I can't hear it because the ringing is back.
This has not been a good week for sororities. First, an expletive-laden email from a Delta Gamma sister at the University of Maryland leaked. Then the media located the author's unfortunate Twitter history -- how is it possible to be racist, ageist and homophobic in so few characters? And today, photos emerged of the ladies of Kappa Delta at Indiana University attending a homeless-themed party.
Ladies of Kappa Delta, there are worthier ways to, er, address homelessness. Do better next time. This is not the first time
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"I think it's a stupid rule," Kevin Stillerman, a UF student, told the Alligator, "We've had girls in the past, so why not
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Citing growing competition and that skills learned in sororities help young women land jobs after college, the generation
Three sorority sisters from Bowling Green State University were killed in a tragic car crash Friday. According to Bowling
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