sorry not sorry

She even told all her high school teachers she was getting the surgery.
The writing I choose to share is not "too" anything. It is my own. Writing is therapeutic. Just as it can cleanse the soul to vent about a terrible experience, it can build confidence to write a positive message. I share my journey because I believe the lessons I learn may motivate others to push through
"So many of the women I know apologize like it's a job they were given by the government."
"Yeah it's too late now cause I'm 40, and I can't do those things with my body."
Moms' interpretations of "Sorry," "Cheerleader," "Hotline Bling" and more.
As we get older, friendships become even more important. We pick and choose to keep those people in our lives that matter most, cull down the list of those that don't warrant the effort and maintain those that pass the test of time.