Many cosmopolitan conveniences are connected to Trump donors. What are you going to do?
Will boycotting SoulCycle and Equinox send a big enough message to Trump supporter Stephen Ross?
"If racial equality was a sport," Ross would be "playing pick-up games," Noah said.
But at least one former employee offers a different perspective on consumer boycotts over an executive's political decisions.
"We believe in tolerance and equality, and will always stay true to those values," said a statement from the brands' PR team.
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As you glide into the New Year, you might be surprised to learn how therapy works similarly to your beloved bicycle class and that you can climb the emotional mountain of self-improvement, too.
Every year, I struggle with this dilemma. I want to eat until the cows come home but I also want to stay fit and healthy. This seems like an impossible task.
Now, the concept of "going to the gym" has been increasingly overshadowed by niche fitness classes. All of them promising to be the best workout you will ever get on planet earth. These classes also come with pretty package incentives, which are absurdly overpriced and can hardly be considered motivation to join.
(Photo: Peloton) By Amy Marturana for Well+Good 2. Rocking your hips. Make sure you're engaging your muscles, so your movement
As the old saying about creativity goes, you can't break the rules until you know them. The same goes for culture. For a brand to employ culture effectively it needs to understand what 'codes' are out there, and which are most culturally salient in order to smash, break and combine them into something that is truly vibrant, new and culturally on point.
As told in "Parks and Recreation" GIFs. Because why not?
In typical mom-style, these insightful thoughts came after I put my foot in my mouth with Jack, my 15-year-old. Jack is working