Experts in love reveal their thoughts about the soulmate connection.
"It felt like being at home the minute we met."
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Listen to the wisdom of your heart.
He is not going to change. She doesn't see your worth. He is not going to make you a priority. She is going to continue to cheat. You don't matter to him as much as you had hoped and no amount of sex is going to change the status of your relationship.
Why is it when a woman says she is single and 31 that something is wrong with her? I just do not get it! I can't understand it to save my life. Even men have bought into this idiotic theory that a woman that is 31 and single is mentally unstable.
Are you the ying to their yang? Milk and Cookies? Macaroni and Cheese? Choose something that just means you are meant to be together whatever that means to you and however that looks to just the two of you. For me and my guy, it's simply Peanut Butter and Jelly.