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"Peter Pan Live!" fell hard in the ratings on Thursday night when compared to last year's "Sound of Music Live!" According
“Great ready for flying children," said Greenblatt. Second star to the right and straight on till ... NBC? "Peter Pan" should
Use Roadtrippers to plan your winter escape. Follow us on Facebook. On the casting of Carrie Underwood? Francois says she
Looking forward to sitting down with a glass of eggnog and tuning in to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" this Saturday? NBC
Turns out, the real Von Trapp family wasn't so hot on the idea of Carrie Underwood playing Maria in "The Sound of Music Live!"
“Here’s someone who just won an Oscar for a similar situation [in "Les Miserables"]. She was able to act and sing,” he told
It's no secret that "The Sound Of Music Live!" was a huge success on Thursday night. The three hour special -- starring Stephen
The ratings are in for NBC's much-hyped "The Sound of Music Live!" broadcast. Despite the hate-watchers and snarky tweets
Well, I just finished watching The Sound Of Music: LIVE. I'm on the West Coast and in summation: the hills are certainly still alive. (Unfortunately in one respect there is way too much "wood.") Sit back, please. This is not brief.
The three-hour live event has been written about extensively online, and also covered in NBC's own hour-long "Making of 'The
Oh, you haven't even seen NBC's "Sound of Music Live!" because it hasn't aired yet? No worries. Just listen to the entire
For those of you longing for the original "Sound of Music" starring Andrews, that version will have its annual holiday screening