soup nazi

OK, Lord, we need to be more specific - we believe a certain group of people is our enemy and they are out to get us. "Love
"When I was done editing it, I thought for sure, just by the look on Larry David's face, 'I'm getting fired.' For real, I
Heated debates have erupted in the U.S., Israel, France, and Britain over the past few weeks about when it is appropriate to use "Nazi" to describe someone you dislike. I propose a simple set of rules to guide our judgment, illustrated through four recent examples.
It's not easy, but with cheap flights out of Bellingham and a little research, budget-minded Canadians can still enjoy a tropical vacation to Waikiki Beach. And remember, the beach is a great equalizer where the rich and not-so rich can rub shoulders
In court, he told Hurley that he only has about $1,000 in his bank account. Move over, Soup Nazi, there's a new food fascist
The T-shirt in question, which said “No Serbu For You,” was a play on the Soup Nazi character’s famed catchphrase and aimed
The "Soup Nazi" was nowhere in sight at the reopening of his original store Tuesday. And believe it or not, the customers
Get in line, make your choice and have your money ready. Or else! Al Yeganeh is back. Read more on