sous vide

Immersion circulators, vacuum sealers and a sous vide sinker weight make the water-based cooking technique so much easier.
Let's talk about what it is, how much it costs and what it's good for. Because it seems like everyone's doing it now.
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Many high-end restaurants use sous vide cooking as it is the best way to provide the quality and quantity required by reducing
Although Sous Vide technically means "under vacuum," most folks now use it as a blanket term for all low-temperature cooking that's done with a water circulator. Essentially this type of cookery encapsulates your food in plastic (vacuum or ziplock packing) and then gently brings the internal temperature up by bathing in a warm water bath, which is precisely maintained by the water circulator.
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It produces replicable, perfectly cooked food without requiring much more from you than the press of a button.
Another great reason to own a slow cooker.
Say good-bye to soggy, fall-apart black bean burgers.