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Jameela Jamil said it’s refreshing to have several South Asian actresses appear on the show together.
“Society, people’s opinion or Bollywood celebrities should not dictate what we wear.”
“They don’t listen to me, cuz I have a vagina,” actress Kangana Ranaut sings.
“Make it even shorter so that no one can hold it like this again."
Most Indian-Americans are calling on Trump to do more, but some think his response is enough.
One month ago, Donald J. Trump won 80,000 more votes in a few states that gave him the needed margin for a likely Electoral
Amen, sister-witch. Nayomi Munaweera's "'The Only Dates Are the Ones You Eat' and Other Laws of an Immigrant Girlhood" is
Despite my parental chagrin, I wasn't ashamed of dressing in drag, doing strange accents and making a fool of myself. An
Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for the huge sacrifices my parents made to give me the life and opportunities I have today. Leaving their family, their home, their comfort zone to come here is an incredibly difficult thing. It's a sacrifice that I can't ever fully thank them for.
When I was 16, I noticed a small part of my scalp was visible. Thankfully, I was blessed with stereotypical thick, curly, and unruly South Indian hair, making it easy to cover up. For the rest of high school, I kept my hair above my shoulders so the curl would have enough "bounce" to hide any balding spots.
The continued failure to include us whenever you talk about Asian Americans is extremely insulting.
But, he doesn't. Data from the National Asian American Survey, released last week by Karthick Ramakrishnan and his team, verifies
At the pool, I felt invincible. My tan lines symbolized hard-work and determination. I embraced the scent of chlorine as my own and I happily consumed giant Chipotle burritos because calories equaled fuel -- not fat.
As a person of color, disliking a show featuring people of color is complicated.
Female solo traveling is a phenomenon which is still quite new to the world at large, but the idea of traveling solo in a nation that is obsessed with saas-bahu dramas is needless to say, extraordinarily unusual.
Bindi politics have been around for centuries and is one of the greatest forms of gender-based oppression in our society. I know. I am the daughter of a widow.