South Bend, Indiana

A former Chicago city attorney who tried to block video of the police shooting was set to co-host a fundraiser on Friday.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor and openly gay presidential candidate said he would overhaul FDA rules that ban sexually active gay men from donating blood.
Firefighters in South Bend, Indiana, became heroes by setting up ladders to help two raccoons escape from a burning building.
The heroism of Indiana's South Bend Fire Department caught the attention of Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
Following Saturday's mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, called for stricter gun laws and condemned white nationalist ideology.
The 2020 presidential hopeful has faced growing scrutiny over his record as mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
Ellen DeGeneres, Larry David and Gwyneth Paltrow gave the South Bend, Indiana, mayor thousands of dollars toward his presidential run.
Mayor and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has come under close scrutiny following the June 16 shooting.
The South Bend mayor's plan, named after abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, aims to tackle systemic racial inequalities across the country.
Salvatore Anello was reportedly holding his 18-month-old granddaughter when she slipped from his hands and fell 150 feet to a cruise ship deck.
A man at a local Democratic Party event suggested the mayor “tell the black people of South Bend to stop committing crime and doing drugs.”
He made the announcement Monday, two weeks after South Bend Police Sgt. Ryan O’Neill shot and killed Eric J. Logan.
The mayor and presidential hopeful came under heavy scrutiny this month after a South Bend, Indiana, police officer shot and killed 54-year-old Eric Logan.
Logan's family sued the city of South Bend, led by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, as well as Sgt. Ryan O'Neill, the officer who killed the 54-year-old black father.
The 2020 presidential hopeful faced questions about an officer-involved shooting in his Indiana city.
The violence unfolded the same day the 2020 presidential candidate was set to address a different deadly shooting in the Indiana city that occurred last week.
The Democratic presidential candidate and mayor of South Bend was accused of failing to curb police misconduct.
The South Bend mayor and presidential candidate issued the reminder in response to calls for transparency about the fatal police shooting of Eric Logan.
Court documents reveal that another officer filed an internal complaint in 2008 accusing South Bend Police Sgt. Ryan O’Neil of making derogatory remarks.
His husband is attending the Democratic National Committee’s LGBTQ Gala in his absence, his press secretary said.