So what now? When Colbert decided to explore a run for President, he asked his friend Jon Stewart to take over his super
He won with a glower. After Newt Gingrich fought off a totally reasonable question about an ex-wife’s account of his acknowledged
Romney brought up Gingrich's ethics records on Friday in Gilbert, S.C., and criticized him for his time at Freddie on Saturday
ABC News reports: Reactions from South Carolina voters to Gingrich's debate skill ranged from them being happy that he put
After initially staggering out of the gate, it looks as if Herman Cain -- standing in for comedian Stephen Colbert's exploratory
Mitt Romney, who came in second place with less than a third of the vote, announced to applause he would head to Florida
In South Carolina, at least, much of that standoffishness may have to do with religion, and particularly Romney's Mormon
Underscoring how poorly Romney fared in South Carolina, only about 4 in 10 voters Saturday said they could enthusiastically
Voters in South Carolina weathered the elements on Saturday and headed to the polls to make their choice for GOP presidential
The GOP calendar this year is more spread out than it was four years ago, which means that the contest was going to last