As he showed "via satelitte" on Monday night's "Colbert Report," Stewart has been thoroughly enjoying the process of playing
He won with a glower. After Newt Gingrich fought off a totally reasonable question about an ex-wife’s account of his acknowledged
He said, "You should hear them when we win." They interrupted his speech with a chant, "We need Mitt," and the former Massachusetts
GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was named the projected winner of the South Carolina primary within moments of polls
But a 1 percent finish in South Carolina might blunt Colbert's enthusiasm for these PPP results. We may not know how he'll
Watch the speeches below: Mitt Romney, who came in second place with less than a third of the vote, announced to applause
Whether they stick by their pledge or not, the promise to stay home speaks to a lack of excitement for Romney, at best, and
By ALAN FRAM AND JENNIFER AGIESTA, ASSOCIATED PRESS In the last days of the campaign, Romney stumbled badly when asked repeatedly
Take a look below at the winners and losers of the South Carolina primary, and vote for who you think came out on top: Now
If that happens, there could be a floor fight at the Republication National Convention. And it's only January, folks. Once
Romney was projected to finish in second place on Saturday night. Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum was projected to finish
The all-important "First in the South" Republican primary has arrived. As the results come in, experts and voters are buzzing
"In the two debates that we had here ... where people reacted so strongly to the news media, I think there was something
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich surged in the polls leading up to the contest. In his campaign to score a win over rival
Ever since 1980, when Ronald Reagan won, every candidate who has won the GOP primary in this Southern state of fewer than
Historically, South Carolina primary results have held great stock. Since the first contest in 1980, every Palmetto State
Ed Blommel (Candidate for Pasco Tax Collector), Guyann Bracken-Fay (Liberty School member), Kathy Brown (FishHawk Republican
When Santorum criticized Newt Gingrich for being "grandiose," he was not only stating the truth. He was expressing a deep
Gingrich's ex-wife burst into the campaign this week when she alleged in an ABC News interview that her former husband had
Santorum went on to suggest that people who don't live according to what he termed "God's law" can't claim "equality." "Don't