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The two vessels sailed close to the Paracel Islands on Sunday -- a move likely to anger Beijing.
The president is due to give a speech about his national security plans later on Monday.
The storm hit just days ahead of the APEC summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.
The Trump administration’s most avid proponent of war against China, Steve Bannon, has departed the White House. At least
How it might actually be fought.
By Peter Valente, Project Assistant, East-West Center in Washington. Note: this article originally appeared in the East-West
Beijing is reviving the ancient Silk Road routes and claiming the South China Sea like America once claimed the Caribbean.
The message from the U.S. is that China should be more like us. But Americans should be careful what they wish for.
A year after the Hague ruled in favor of his country, there's only so much Philippine President Duterte can do to minimize tensions.
Christopher H Lim, Nanyang Technological University and Vincent Mack, Nanyang Technological University Though climate change
It’s a time of trial and tribulation for America’s allies and adversaries alike. Just what is U.S. policy these days? More
China’s global aspirations should be no surprise. For centuries, it has seen itself as a civilization apart. Inevitably, Western