H.B. 1241 is scheduled for a hearing on Thursday in the House Health and Human Services Committee. "This doesn't look like
The Michigan Senate passed its version of a controversial abortion bill on Wednesday that would regulate abortion clinics
The abortion/suicide provision is part of a larger bill the South Dakota legislature passed in March 2005. Planned Parenthood
As The Huffington Post has previously reported, more than 900 bills concerning reproductive health were brought forward before
First, it was South Dakota. Then Nebraska and Iowa. The similarly worded bills, which have quietly cropped up recently in
Are lawmakers from the "women are chattel" set having some sort of nation-wide competition to see who can get the most sick
Now that their controversial "First thing we'll do is kill all the abortion providers" bill has been shelved indefinitely, South Dakota lawmakers are back doing what they do best: making it just as hard as possible for women to exercise, or even have, reproductive rights, because, in the eyes of said lawmakers, women are chattel.
It's interesting to consider that if it hadn't been for blogs and new media, this bill could very well have become law, though
The internet is straight blowing up at the news on Tuesday that lawmakers in South Dakota are mulling a piece of legislation that would seem to make it legally permissible to kill abortion providers. Says Vicki Saporta, the head of the National Abortion Federation, "The bill in South Dakota is an invitation to murder abortion providers." The bill's sponsor, state Rep. Phil Jensen, spoke to The Plum Line's Greg Sargent this morning, and guess what? He feels his law is being badly misinterpreted!
A law under consideration in South Dakota would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to include killings that