Mike Rounds has clinched the Republican nomination in South Dakota's Senate race, the Associated Press reports. Rounds, who
Former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds (R) won the Republican Party's nomination in the race to succeed retiring Sen. Tim Johnson
Former South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has come out victorious in Tuesday night's five-way GOP primary for the Senate seat
Incumbent Dennis Daugaard will again battle to be South Dakota's governor this November. Daugaard topped challenger Lora
The primary battle in the race to replace retiring Sen. Tim Johnson (D) is taking place in South Dakota today. South Dakota
Rounds' path to victory in November became more complicated when former Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.) entered the race as
But while the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker (R) and his political allies has garnered national attention, and Wisconsin
After tripping over themselves to appeal to the Tea Party, these candidates will have to walk a tightrope that won't alienate the radical right while appealing to moderates. We believe they'll fall off.
If the superdelegates had any cajones they'd be calling each other tonight and say, What have we done? There's still time to set this thing right.
The general election is on. Knives are out, people. Protect your necks. And look forward now, to your nominee delivering his speech at the Democratic National Convention on the 45th Anniversary of another important piece of oration. Ever get the feeling that some things were maybe meant to be?
Hillary Clinton's campaign is putting most of its remaining chips down on South Dakota, which votes on June 3, a source close
The overwhelming presence of Obama in the broadcast media of South Dakota and Montana presupposes that Hillary has given up any serious chance to win these two primaries.