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Oneal Morris Ron was accused of injecting women with tire sealant and rubber cement.
Bush has seemed uncomfortable since the beginning of his campaign. His body language and frequent gaffes have consistently betrayed a politician who wasn't fully committed. He has been easily rattled throughout the campaign by taunts from Trump, like calling Bush a "low-energy" candidate.
But Walton -- dressed in a light blue polo shirt and carrying a clipboard with paperwork -- isn't an officer of the law. She's
"It bothers me that they don't see a problem with it," Sunrise resident Roseanne Eckert told the Sun Sentinel Friday. "South
The New York Times took home a total of four category wins in feature writing and investigative, international and explanatory reporting. John Branch was recognized for his exceptional feature work on the paper's first-ever large-scale multimedia project, Snowfall.
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, supporters of then-Sen. Barack Obama's candidacy in 2008, announced its endorsement of GOP
Who's going to feel the wrath of UAL shareholder lawsuits? There's Tribune Co., which has nearly $13 billion in debt, and then there's Google, one of the richest and most profitable companies on the globe.
Well, you've got to hand it to the Tribune Co. It made people feel sorry for United Airlines, one of those of businesses the public just loves to hate.
Is Owen Wilson going the Method actor route? In Miami to film Marley & Me (costarring Jennifer Aniston and Eric Dane), the