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More than 75 towns and 300 coastal businesses opposed plan to allow drilling in the Atlantic.
A handful of individuals and their organizations have persevered to develop pathways for cost-effective solar energy in Virginia, a state where utilities are widely viewed to be undermining the adoption of solar by their customers.
This week is the sixth anniversary of the devastating coal ash spill at Kingston, Tennessee. A dam fell apart at one of TVA's coal ash lagoons, dumping over one billion gallons of coal ash and wreaking havoc that cost over $1 billion to clean up.
Tennessee suffered a major coal ash spill in December 2008. The spill there prompted an Environmental Protection Agency effort
“We’re talking jobs, economic development and it’s good for the environment,” McAuliffe said, according to The Washington
The coal industry's concerns about pro-clean energy groups are more about how the utility industry is threatened by the emergence of affordable renewable energy and their antiquated business model.
Which areas of the southern United States are the most endangered? List and captions courtesy of Southern Environmental Law
Someone needs to hold BP accountable for the devastation of the Gulf Coast. If the federal government won't do its job, there are environmental advocacy groups that will do theirs.
Two groups filed suit in Alabama yesterday against the MMS, the bureau that is responsible for issuing natural gas, oil and other mineral resource permits, and also for collecting royalty fees.