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Pros from Husk, Prince's Hot Chicken and more share their tips and tricks.
Chef and JuneBaby owner Edouardo Jordan talks about race and why it's important that you understand the history of what you eat.
HuffPost Food & Drink’s series Consumed shines a light on Americans’ obsession with food, one topic at a time. June's theme is Southern cuisine.
Since 9/11, soul food's connection to black identity has weakened. This is how and why.
It's dressing, not stuffing. And other unmistakable holiday traditions of the South.
Winston-Salem is vibrant with new industries--bio-tech, high-tech, medicine, higher education--that demand good restaurants
Speak of the foods of the Deep South, and you conjure up familiar images of fried chicken and slow-cooked greens, easy living
It doesn't matter what state you're from, if you're an American, comfort food almost always equals Southern food.
Kat's Kracklins: This stop in Lake Charles serve boudin (of course) but also a traditional plate lunch Monday through Friday
Pork shoulder is one of the cornerstones of American barbecue--right up there with brisket and ribs. It's certainly the most flexible: you can smoke it. Indirect grill it. Spit-roast it on a rotisserie. It's also the most forgiving: it stays moist even when you overcook it.
He even goes to the trouble of serving his pork sandwiches on house-baked buns (crusty where the buttered side hit the griddle, but Charmin-soft in the center), with additional crunch supplied by a fried pork rind.
Making these choices wasn't easy. I left a lot of gravy and a couple of racks of ribs on the cutting room floor. Think of them as edible mileposts on a turnpike to tomorrowland.
Directions Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onions and cook for 5 minutes. Ingredients 1 tsp. extra
Sunny Corda's second area restaurant brings a more sophisticated, high-end vibe to the local Indian food dining scene. Plate presentation is taken seriously here, and the meats are fresh and antibiotic-free.
Southern food is a truly special type of cuisine -- and few know this better than Corey Simmons and Ramone Dickerson. These