Southern Ocean

Nation's decision is bashed by environmentalists and Australia.
Previously, the creature was found only in the Gulf of Mexico.
Scientists learned of the "hotspot for avian abundance" thanks to the birds' prodigious droppings.
The Greenpeace project is part of mission to create a massive Antarctic sanctuary.
Last year, all signs were pointing towards this shattering event.
As our increasingly connected world has brought the once-remote Southern Ocean and Antarctica closer to human populations than ever before, the 50-million-year history of penguins and albatross has been brought to the precipice in a span of a mere quarter century.
Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are the least explored and least understood marine regions in the world. Nearly a century after the first person reached the South Pole, the abundant life underneath the ocean's frozen surface is just beginning to be discovered.
Jean-Baptiste Charcot's expeditions are justly famous for their attention to the creature comforts of men and for success. He explored unknown areas of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Alex Rogers, the lead researcher from the University of Oxford, said, "Hydrothermal vents have really extended the environmental