Southern Sudan

The unspeakable atrocities that are happening in South Sudan are unfathomable, not only because of the scope of savagery
Simply existing as a black woman in America can be a daunting, and often fatal, experience.
That's a rate of about one person fleeing their home every second.
Two out five ain’t bad! 1. France didn’t blow it in their presidential election on Sunday, voting in centrist Emmanuel Macron
My mother can be so annoying. She calls me every other day to ask how my daughter is doing. When my daughter takes the subway
For the first time in her life, Freedom Santo – a traditional healer in South Sudan – recently felt positive recognition
In modern wars, it’s dangerous to be a woman. During the Rwandan genocide, up to 500,000 women were raped, sexually mutilated
On his way out of Washington President Barack Obama announced the lifting of economic sanctions against Sudan. The action
“Three boys from Aleppo, now living in Gaziantep, searching for plastic bottles to sell” Since 2014 Alex Treves, a self taught
[15] Geoffrey Aronson, “China to open its first naval base in Africa,” Aljazeera, December 22, 2015. [6] Nick Turse, "The