Southside With You

"Southside With You" is a charming, witty, and heartwarming movie of the Obamas' first date. My wife Jo and I saw them that night, and the movie has two characters based on us, a couple who run into Barack and Michelle at a movie. This is what really happened.
His Obama impression was so presidential that he had to scale it back to land the role.
Someone who is complex and confident. And it wasn't a romantic film where a woman is chasing after a guy. But she's actually
Sumpter stars as FLOTUS in a new film that chronicles Barack Obama's first date with Michelle.
How Tika Sumpter drew 'strength' and 'confidence' from paying Michelle Obama.
Parker Sawyers' impression of Obama is so good, it almost cost him a lead role
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The Sundance indie Southside With You is your classic boy-meets-girl romance, chronicling one couple’s first date from start