Fitness is starting to become both a goal and a journey, a lifestyle and a belief, a ritualistic thing that no one can seem to agree on. Fitness is changing how clothes are being designed and what workplace environments should offer as "fitness alternatives" and yet on some level it feels early in this figuring out work-life-fitness balance thing.
Please, people who make things: Stop with this already.
Yes, Soylent satiated my stomach. But it didn't satisfy the same way a home-cooked meal -- or even Seamless takeout -- would, because Soylent is the equivalent of eating a frozen Thanksgiving dinner alone in a warehouse instead of eating a holiday spread with your loved ones.
A new drink could make food preparation, family meals and dining out things of the past.
There isn't a meal in the world I enjoy eating enough to want to actually cook it. I use my stove, not to cook, but to store the pots and pans that I'm not using.
Merchant describes soylent as tasting "exactly how it looks" -- not the biggest compliment for what looks like milky sludge
From the Nov. 4 issue of New York Magazine: A normal person might have considered eating both pizza and kale, and maybe an
"Every day we're finding more and more," Thayer said. "There's all kinds of various antioxidants that are in these plant