Space and Astronomy

Europa, which is smaller than our own moon, appears as a pale dot alongside its giant, color-streaked gas planet.
Perseverance, the biggest and most sophisticated Mars rover ever built, will bring the first Martian rock samples back to Earth around 2031.
The Dragon spacecraft carrying Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken docked automatically and required no assistance.
It's set to be the first launch of Americans from the U.S. in nearly a decade.
Chris Cassidy is blasting into space for six months on April 9, but his wife and kids won't be there because of the coronavirus.
A cargo capsule launched from Virginia to bring supplies — including snacks — to the International Space Station.
The crew capsule, which was built for NASA, had ended up in the wrong orbit after its launch on Friday because of an issue with the spacecraft's internal clock.
It’s the only exoplanet known so far to have both water and temperatures needed for life.
With the Chandrayaan-2 mission, the country was attempting to become the fourth in the world to land on the moon.
Kraft created NASA’s Mission Control and made split-second white-knuckle decisions from the first daring Mercury mission to the triumphant moon landings.