space force

Meanwhile, experts in the field say Trump’s use of it as campaign gimmick has made needed reforms much harder.
The Texas GOP senator appears as Grand Admiral Cruz in Jimmy Kimmel's spoof reboot of the '70s television movie.
The budget includes cuts that would hit mandatory safety net programs, which the president has proposed in the past.
The proposed sixth branch of the U.S. military would have more than 13,000 employees and would require a massive Defense Department reorganization.
Tyson thinks a "Truth Force" to defend against enemies of accurate information is more of a priority.
The actor-artist mocked Trump, giving him an astronaut makeover in the latest cartoon.
He wasn't the only celebrity to question Trump's proposed new branch of the military.
"Late Show" host calls out the president over a proposed new military branch.
Meanwhile, MSNBC broadcaster Katy Tur already has a "Space Force" theme song.
The department's creation will require approval and funding from Congress.
The president should focus instead on the cyberwar that's an immediate threat to our democracy, said the former commander of the International Space Station.