Space junk

The object does not pose a threat, but "the show will still be spectacular."
From sending humans to Mars to commercial space flights, HuffPost Live takes a look at the future of space travel and the possibility of colonizing other planets.
An average of one cataloged piece of space junk falls back to Earth each day.
The video game-inspired spacecraft could catch space debris with one big chomp.
For many years, I have been anticipating the start of a revolution in the satellite market, in which the majority of the satellites built and launched would be of the micro, nano, pico, and femto variety.
While there is still more ground to cover, if we work together as a global industry, these immediate steps can help ensure a dramatic movie plot does not become our stark reality.
"The experiment is specifically designed to contribute to developing a space debris cleaning method," Nohmi said. Japanese
Like Mauna Kea on the Big Island -- where it recently snowed! -- Mount Haleakala's landscape is a far cry from the tropical
Space is one of the hardest global policy issues, and one where a failure of imagination can create irreparable ruin. For example, a 2007 anti-satellite missile launch by China created a debris cloud that will last for centuries.
To hear more from Donald Kessler, watch the full segment HERE. The so-called "Kessler Syndrome" refers to a situation in
"Spacewalker" author Jerry L. Ross and NASA's retired Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris Donald Kessler join Mike to address the issue of space junk and explain the Kessler Syndrome.
Park Rangers waited for high tide to move and secure the strange debris, later identified to be part of the main rocket fuselage
Worst Space Debris Events of All Time Space Debris - How It Got There, What To Do About It? | Video Photos: DARPA's Futuristic
The most technically and politically sound idea is a simple rendezvous mission, during which a clean-up craft would travel