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This article was originally posted on Inverse. Most of those meteors will break apart on entry, dissolving into dust. Scientists
The asteroid made its closest approach to Earth at 11:19 EST on Jan. 26 at a distance of only 745,000 miles--or about 3.1
To learn even more about the comet, the Rosetta probe is scheduled to deploy its robotic lander, Philae, to the surface of
Asteroid 2014 RC isn't the only near-Earth object (an asteroid or comet that comes within 28 million miles of Earth) out
Whether or not the Nakhla ovoid has some connection to Martian life, study of the meteorite can help researchers better understand
They're being likened to the Mona Lisa -- four fossil meteorites that may be linked to an ancient cosmic crash in the early
"That is a legacy that will last in history for a very long time," Aldrin said. "We need to convince people of doing that
While scientists aren't yet sure of the exact recipe, they think radiation-blasted ice powered the chemical reactions that
Some minimoons may be in a "sweet spot," with long dynamical lifetimes inside the moon's orbit, Bottke added. The tiny bodies
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