"The Late Late Show" host ridiculed the Trump-loving Fox News personality for his attempted diss of Joe Biden.
Latinos work essential jobs and live in multigenerational, often mixed-status families, allowing the virus and misinformation about public services to spread.
I had to take a hard look at how a child of mine could have uttered those words in the first place.
The former congressman from Texas broke out the Spanish early, and the looks from his rivals said it all.
The outlet has since issued a correction, noting that the 2020 hopeful is not a native Spanish speaker.
A California restaurant customer went on a racist rant after he couldn’t understand the bilingual menu.
"The Daily Show" host called some Florida politicians' attempts to deliver bilingual messages "the greatest comedy ever."
A Border Patrol agent detained two women near the Canadian border in Montana for speaking Spanish.
Aaron Schlossberg was treated to outrage, mariachi music and español outside his home.
Aaron Schlossberg threatened to call ICE on Spanish speakers, then the internet unearthed a similar tirade from 2016.