Spanish Food

In the language of Galicia, Nai means "mother," and the owners of this six-year-old tapas restaurant in the East Village
My Spanish friends just love croquettes -- croquetas in Spanish. To me they taste like soggy tater tots. But at Madrid's
Walking down Madrid's delightful pedestrian boulevard enjoying the paseo with my local guide, Nygil Murrel, I learn some
You know I love industrial-age market halls rejuvenated into trendy food circuses. Come along with me as I follow local Madrid
I don't know about you, but come Christmas, my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of people making paella. And yet, the best paella I ever had was on a sunny day at an outdoor café in Barcelona, Spain. In other words -- why make it only once a year? In winter?
The bright, sour fillets upended my expectations of both flavor and texture.
A sauce has the power to transform the simplest grilled seafood or chicken into an event.
Short, Tall, Grande or Venti -- Bold Pick of the Day, Caffé Misto, Decaf, Nonfat, Whole, 2 percent or Soy milk, Iced, Sweetened or Unsweetened? It can be just as complicated as that in Spain.
It's a gastronomic holiday, no passport needed.
Madrid drew me in to its web easily, and it didn't take long before I was tangled into a life of tapas, vino tinto, siestas and endless utterings of "vale."
I've never seen this done before, nor do I believe anyone ever has done it before.
We certainly never imagined that it would be such a harmonious concoction with such appealing contrasts of flavor and texture.
Spain's long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous throughout Europe. That most get over 300 days of sun a year doesn't hurt either.
Come for the priceless works of art, stay for the Cadillac in the patio and giant eggs on the roof. (Photo by May Lopez) See
Medite serves tapas in a Mediterranean style that draws from Spanish and Italian sources. The ingredients are local and in season whenever possible. I sat down with the owner and the man behind the menu, David Bohm.
Watch only if you are prepared, and near a store/restaurant that sells this ham.