Spanish Food

In the language of Galicia, Nai means "mother," and the owners of this six-year-old tapas restaurant in the East Village
My Spanish friends just love croquettes -- croquetas in Spanish. To me they taste like soggy tater tots. But at Madrid's
Walking down Madrid's delightful pedestrian boulevard enjoying the paseo with my local guide, Nygil Murrel, I learn some
You know I love industrial-age market halls rejuvenated into trendy food circuses. Come along with me as I follow local Madrid
I don't know about you, but come Christmas, my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of people making paella. And yet, the best paella I ever had was on a sunny day at an outdoor café in Barcelona, Spain. In other words -- why make it only once a year? In winter?
The bright, sour fillets upended my expectations of both flavor and texture.
A sauce has the power to transform the simplest grilled seafood or chicken into an event.
From the perspective of a Basque chef.
Short, Tall, Grande or Venti -- Bold Pick of the Day, Caffé Misto, Decaf, Nonfat, Whole, 2 percent or Soy milk, Iced, Sweetened or Unsweetened? It can be just as complicated as that in Spain.