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Spanish heritage programs offer acceptance and belonging to those who want to reclaim their family language.
Buying a home is still a good way to build wealth in the U.S., but harder to achieve for immigrants. Here's why.
Most of the government's warnings about COVID-19 are in English and may not be reaching millions of America's Spanish speakers.
Civil rights groups that sued on behalf of thousands of Puerto Ricans say the ruling recognizes that Spanish speakers are not "second-class citizens."
"I’m an American. I don’t do Spanish," he yells at cashier.
“You know what, that’s a skip. I can’t do that.”
Mixteco/RVA is a photographic artist book about the author's yearlong journey toward understanding linguistic injustice amongst Virginia's Latin American immigrants--Spanish-speaking and otherwise.
Listen to your language this next week. What are you expressing and how are you expressing it? Are you being blunt and moving to the next subject? Are you using expressive verbiage to help your listener really comprehend and feel what you mean?
Her hair is dark, her skin tawny, her eyes the green of coke bottles with a little yellow limón in the mix. While we are speaking in English mostly, when she switches to Spanish, her Spanish is faster and more clipped than my own. Her "Cuban" is making me nostalgic for my family's voices in Panama.