Spanish speakers

Spanish heritage programs offer acceptance and belonging to those who want to reclaim their family language.
The mother said they were told to "go back to your f**king country" during the violent incident that was caught on video.
“I’m hoping I’m not going to have to start brushing up on my ‘Dora the Explorer’ to understand some of the speeches given this week."
Our shared commitment to family and respect for elders is assumed. The fast, workaday American culture recedes. It takes on the role of "other." We Latinos and Hispanos open up to one another. The familiarity of us becomes the "we."
The goal is to help participants get to the point where they can pass the English requirement for the naturalization exam.
The site is slated to launch on in early 2016.
Officials say a Massachusetts 911 dispatcher is under investigation for hanging up on several callers who did not speak English
They are not wrought with the insecurities and self-doubt this nation shoves down the throats of those born and raised here at every turn they take. The negative signals come in the form of overt and covert cultural racism.
A versatile word usually used to express charm, extreme like and sometimes love. This verb is used in reference to staying
Every Spanish speaker knows how much fun it is to get their non-Spanish speaking friends to try and roll their "Rs." It's
“In an increasingly interconnected global economy, we have to prepare our students for a future in which their success depends
Republican Sen. Roger Kahn introduced the bill, and told the Grand Rapids Press that the tradition honors the country's history
Campus Party is one of those names that doesn't translate perfectly. It's not a political party, and it's not Spring Break, and it doesn't happen on campus, it's... Well, ask anyone under 30 who lives in a Spanish-speaking country about Campus Party.
“It’s working,” said Virginia Castro, an energetic young principal who took over the school four years ago. “I think it’s
With Spanish investment growing in the U.S., we are at a high point in our relationship. But there are more than 50 million reasons why it could be even better.