The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative has just launched SPARK (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge), a groundbreaking online project to accelerate research and advance understanding of the genetic underpinnings of autism.
The project has inspired new programs that encourage kids to read.
As it turns out, there are lots of good guys out there, hiding in plain sight. Here's how to spot them.
Yet every day, I awake and joy waits. I am alive! Here is another day, to dance and party with the universe. I don't feel it as tangibly every day as I would like, but it's always there.
Click over to SPARK to read Runk's thoughts on competitive thigh gaps, the modeling world and haters. Oh, and definitely
I'm not sure how many would be relationships I passed up because of my undying allegiance to this indefinable ghost that has defined my life.
A Q&A with SPARK teen activists Julia Bluhm (15) and Izzy Labbe (14) who took on Seventeen magazine over photoshopping model's images and secured a commitment from the magazine to stop.
Hungry for more Burning Man? Check out some photos and submit your own in our slideshow below: The film will celebrate its
Universities must be proactive to stay on top of the waves of changes facing them and work daily to create not only excellent institutions but those that are cost-competitive and relevant to the needs of students today... and tomorrow.
The real story -- the disruptive story -- about women and girls joining together to demand a better, safer, more joyful world is being lived, and it needs also to be told.