A "pipe-type object" was thrust down some of the dogs' throats to damage their vocal cords, authorities said.
We haven't had a lot of dogs over the years. Never more than two at a time. Our last Christmas dog was Rinaldo. It is our
"Just like that: she was given the chance, and she just went for it."
This conjures up a whole new level of pooch-spoiling in most people's minds and I am never entirely sure the question is meant as a compliment. No matter, they are here because someone else couldn't meet their obligation to them or worse. Each one of them is adopted.
Nothing puts a damper on your tv watching quite like the saddest commercial ever. You know the one.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter She was away for a while — boarding school, college, early career. But she was back
The CEO of sports catering giant, Centerplate, is facing major backlash after being caught on tape kicking a dog. *WARNING: Some of the footage maybe graphic!*
I am Cejas the Dog. I am grateful. Dog mothers don't have to be dogs themselves. We have birth dog mothers and then we have human Dog Mothers, the beautiful, dedicated, loving volunteers at local SPCAs, city shelters, and rescue organizations.
It’s strange how on Thanksgiving we spend so much time thinking about what we are thankful for, only to seemingly forget
We have even been known to FaceTime so they can see their granddogs, much to the confusion of Julie and Stephan who look quizzically at the screen when they hear the high pitched voices calling their names.
Operation Ava is trying to find an adoptive family for both brothers -- the shelter wants to keep the pair together, according
Co-owner of Riverhead Brake Service Francis Bujnicki told Newsday that, "He thought it was a couple of rags on the ground
Of course, any attempts to watch a video demonstration or read up on the variety of pet condom sizes will result in the same
"Everything we do, we do as realistically as possible," Shambo told GOOD. Shambo's devotion to animals is incredible. In
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Florida will assist FSC's project, according to The Southern, the