Since the event ended, we have already had numerous requests to hold events like this more often. Women are wanting to come
Congress's approval rating is just slightly higher than head lice. The principal reasons are gridlock and that they pay themselves despite doing nothing. To add insult to injury, they go on recess more often than third-graders.
What is now recognized as the #1 health threat in the United States? Stress. Studies show that 60% of Americans are moderately
The concept of work/life balance is prioritizing between your career or ambition and your lifestyle, which includes health
Speaker Paul Ryan's year was going super, until it really wasn't...
In a world where we manage change in business instead of embracing it, it is not surprising that fear produces predictability and cookie cutter expectations at events. It is part of the current transactional nature of business that needs a reboot to match the 21st century human to human era.
Value Creation and Pursuing Your Creative Journey On May 5th and 6th the tall glass walls of Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln
But that's what makes these "survival skills" so great -- they are basic, long-term mindsets that anyone can foster.  Which
WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE You.? I have been blessed with having met the most wonderful women over the years. Women who
Undeserved Shame Create a safe place for that reporting to happen, with an open heart. It took years for me to feel comfortable
When it comes to economic development, empowerment and revitalization in the Black community, there is no better way to achieve these than through thriving business ownership.
Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr., for inspiring faith, dreams, and all the power they hold for our world. The greatest gift we can give to each other is little steps in faith, trust, compassion, and bringing our dreams to light.
I'm always fascinated by the people I have met who have experience extreme challenges and tragedy, but never give up. They
He's not the speaker anymore, but he still gets some taxpayer-funded perks.
The first time I ever heard of Jessica Lynn, I was sitting down in a small recording studio at the base of UCSB's Storke Tower. She seemed like a mythical figure. An amazing woman who'd overcome the war trenches of life to emerge a shining beacon for the Trans community.
Trump as Speaker would also be the greatest campaign move in history. It is not a time-consuming job; all you have to do is make top-line decisions and make deals. The House would no longer be a place for bickering. Everyone would have an incredible time, and put the "grand" back in "Grand Old Party."