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Will the government shut down again? So much palace intrigue in The People's House. Super-nerds are consumed this week with the drama that is set to unfold in the capital. I'm one of them.
John Boehner resigned as Speaker of the House and over the weekend a blood moon rode the night sky. In ancient times this was considered an unlucky omen, even a prediction of the end of days. Now it is known as a total lunar eclipse.
Some people see infrastructure as about as exciting as watching paint dry. We here at the Eno Center for Transportation, a national transportation policy think tank, eat reports on infrastructure for breakfast. And we know that our infrastructure needs much more than a new coat of paint.
Rudy, oh dear Mr. Former Mayor, it seems that that you got it all wrong when you accused the president of not loving America. It's so hard to watch you spout such stuff because you were such a respected man.
You are interfering with our democratic process in a blunt, unforgivable manner. I hope that our future leaders, whoever they may be, won't forget it.
"12 Taylor Swift GIFs for you" read the subject line of an email that went on to address President Barack Obama's recent
Gohmert is one of the most outspoken conservatives in Congress. Last year, he compared supporters of gay marriage who criticize
President Obama should build on this commonsense policy; there are a number of existing policies he can use to allow aspiring Americans to come forward and apply for administrative relief.
As the U.S. Supreme Court rightfully makes way for same-sex marriage across the country, it simultaneously regresses policy on another civil liberty, voting rights.
Reform of our immigration system has been on the docket forever. Campaigning to get to the White House, candidate Barack Obama not only promised but guaranteed immigration reform in his first year in office. That guarantee has not been delivered on because of the President's need to rescue an economy on the abyss.
h/t Raw Story His tireless call for the protection of the most vulnerable among us—the ailing, the disadvantaged, the unemployed
For years the GOP has been whining about how President Obama has not and will not compromise with them. They say he has shunned them from the beginning.
Common sense and decency seem less and less important to Republicans in the House of Representatives as they continue their shameful conduct toward President Barack Obama for trying to do his job.
The Titanic was promoted as 'unsinkable.' It was touted as a symbol of technological and industrial might... until it crashed into a giant ice cube with catastrophic consequences. Which brings me to today's Republican Party.
"I'm running for reelection, I expect to be speaker," Boehner said, although he would not commit to serving out a full term
"Your electile dysfunction, it could be a question of blood flow. Sometimes when a politician has been in D.C. too long, it
Senator Feinstein had harsh words for what the CIA was doing-the same kind of words used by citizens to describe the activities of the NSA when they learned of its spying on citizens and the likes of Germany's Angela Merkel and Brazil's Dilma Rousseff.
I hate to think what may happen if the GOP take over the Senate in 2014. The economy may still recover but it will take much longer to come back because there will be unending nothingness happening and the working poor will suffer even further.
In the article, Castro reflects on his first year in Congress and expresses his disappointment in the House's inability to