speaker of the house

Some Republicans are not happy with the way Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) prevented the government from shuttering.
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) faces his first challenge as the Republican’s top dog: a government shutdown. It didn’t go so well for the last guy in the job.
America recently learned that newly crowned House Speaker Mike Johnson has a Black son — or does he?
A video clip from 2022 shows the newly-minted speaker explaining how Covenant Eyes software keeps him and his teen son away from graphic content.
During a “Late Show” appearance, the openly gay transportation secretary said he might invite Speaker Mike Johnson – and his terrible record on LGBTQ+ rights – to his home.
Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) went on Fox News to offer thoughts and prayers – but no legislative action – after a mass shooting killed more than a dozen people in Maine.
Amid the ongoing chaos over the speakership, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene inadvertently unveiled the truth about House Republicans.
Republicans may have to find another person to be their nominee for speaker.
Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) has accused Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) of sharing NSFW stories about his sex life on the House floor.
Some members of the GOP are wondering if anyone can take Kevin McCarthy's place as a fundraising dynamo and party builder.