Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

The House speaker ordered them taken down to mark Juneteenth.
The House speaker told Chris Wallace that Trump has failed a basic test of leadership.
The House speaker called on scientists to "speak up" against the president's falsehoods in an interview with "The Late Late Show" host James Corden.
"Rather than waste any time commenting on the president," the House speaker told Dana Bash, she'd prefer to listen to the science.
Pelosi is the only woman to hold the office of House Speaker, and the first speaker in 60 years to reclaim the gavel after losing it.
Laurence Tribe broke down the House speaker's strategy of not yet sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate.
The House speaker said she has yet to read the full letter from the president, but from what she's seen, it's "ridiculous" and "sick."
The House Speaker said the president is welcome to appear or answer questions in writing, if he chooses.
"I think part of it is his own insecurity as an imposter," said the House Speaker.